Processing Brokerage

The Processing Brokerage

It’s imperative that you work with a company who always has your best interests in mind. There are important questions that need to be asked: Are they going the extra mile? Are they creating unique solutions that lead to enhanced value? Are they ceaselessly proactive in their efforts to review your processes and save you money?”

We are an independent consulting firm specializing in auditing credit card processing statements and identifying ways to reduce fees without changing vendors. Our unique method of expense reduction methodically reviews and eliminates the overpayment of interchange fees, surcharges, processor fees, and miscellaneous charges that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars that should stay with your organization.

We are compensated via a pay-for-performance model where we share in a small portion of your savings. Our approach eliminates being compensated via estimates, but by the true savings shown on your statements. We truly believe this way of doing business is paramount to serving your best interests.