There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We maintain effective strategies for clients facing a range of issues.
Yet, we’re pretty confident you’ll strongly identify with one of more of these descriptors below.


I AM BUSY - “There is way too much on my plate, but this needs attention NOW.”

You, nor your staff, have the luxury of the extra time needed to wrangle with the details of credit card processing fees – yet they are a significant expense that continues to grow. While you are talented at many facets of business, you can’t be expected to be an expert regarding the fees on your credit card statement. You need to know if these fees present an issue and how much time it will take deciphering the information.


We do the work; you get the credit. Our job is to audit statements/examine transactions, identify cost savings, and present our recommendations so that YOU can make an informed business decision on how to move forward. Once we get the green light, we’ll proceed to reduce the credit card fees on your behalf and will continue to work until they appear on your statement. This is a classic "win-win" scenario. Little time is required of you, and a huge financial benefit will be afforded to you.


I NEED ACTION - “My rates keep increasing and this can’t be sustained."

There’s a frustration when your overall credit card processing fees continue to rise. You don’t want the headache of changing credit card processors, but, of course, would welcome a substantial reduction in fees. You need to know your options, and having access to an industry expert that can provide solid recommendations is invaluable.


Once we audit your statements, we will candidly discuss the options you have moving forward. Indeed, the whole idea here is to reduce your fees, but there exist several ways of getting to that end result. Our preference is to always work within your existing framework and if that doesn't prove effective, we will perform an RFP (Request for Proposal) on your behalf to find the right vendor at the lowest cost.


I’M FAIRLY SAVVY - “I feel our rates are good, but I just want to confirm."

You may not be an expert in the payments industry but you have a firm grasp on the many nuances of your monthly credit card processing fees. So while you’re confident that the rates are as low as they can possibly be, you’d love a risk-free way to validate your opinion.


Here’s a statement you’d be hard-pressed to hear anywhere else. If we are unable to find over $20K in annual savings, you can walk away from our service at no charge. This allows for a truly risk-free opportunity to receive an independent audit of your credit card fees. There’s simply no downside to this - we either identify ways to lower your fees or applaud your mastery of the payments industry.